Grocery store

Fine or not... Encourage buying local!

imagine a small grocery store at the entrance of the hostel with producers from the Basque Country, cookies, honey, Bayonne ham, canning, Espelette pepper, cold cuts, Irouleguy wine, Belharra beer, ewe's milk cheese, dairy products, etc... or how to eat on the go!

This showcase for our farmers, local artisans, for your small hunger and your gifts memories of the Basque Country!

a 100% local gourmet selection


The modern espadrille, different, integrated in our time and still made in Mauléon!


Artisanal soap factory in Saint Etienne de Baïgorry, born from the passion of home-made cosmetics, discover a range of soaps made by the cold saponification method, ancestral method already used by our grandmothers!


Harvested and shaped in Bidart, these bamboo straws are reusable and biodegradable, a 100% natural alternative


Rediscover crochet, handmade fashion and decoration accessories, entirely handmade and with passion!


Posters and postcards...illustrations of surfing sessions on the West Coast beaches but not only..


jeanne Clothing is the clothing line for all those who believe in gender equality!

Jams, coulis, fruit syrups

Farm Itsas Mendi - Arbonne-St Pée sur Nivelle - Idoki sector

Organic handmade pasta, corn flour from the Basque Country

Xemiania Organic Farm - Beguios

Farm ducks, rillettes, preserves

Ferme Uhartia - Barcus

Herbal Teas

Aromatic HerbsJokin Zaldumbide - Arbonne

Vegetable Pickles

Pikoka - Anglet

Charcuterie, ham

Maison Mayté - Saint Jean Le vieux

Cookie factory

Maison Miettes - Bidart

Craft beer

Belharra - Bayonne

Dairy, cottage cheese, yoghurts, butter...

Agerrea farm - Arbonne - Filière Idoki


Pantxo ITHURRIA - Bidart

Cola Basque

Euskola - Bardos

Peanut, almond and hazelnut butter Bio

Nourish Food - Seignosse

And much more on site!